Become Certified (CIA) in Internal Audit with ATAI

Become Certified (CIA) in Internal Audit with ATAI

The IIA Tunisia (ATAI) is launching a large-scale training program for the preparation of the International Certification in Internal Audit (Certified Internal Auditor: CIA) for the 3 parts of the exam, namely:

Part I:  Essentials of Internal Auditing

 This part mainly deals with themes relating to the foundations of Internal Audit, independence, objectivity, proficiency care, the quality program, and governance, Risk Management, Control and Fraud Risks.

Part II: Practice of Internal Auditing

This part deals with themes on the conduct of Internal Audit Engagement, Compliance Assurance, Finance, Environment and Consulting Engagements, the Audit plan, engagement planning, information gathering, Audit Techniques (statistics, analytical examination, interview, etc.), documentation and supervision of engagements, communication of results and management of actions of progress.

Part III: Business Knowledge of Internal Auditing

This part deals with topics related to Planning and Strategic Management, organizational behavior and performance measurement, leadership in organizational structure and Business processes in Project and Contract Management, workstations, Database and Applications, IT Infrastructure, IT Framework and Data Analysis, Information Security and Disaster Recovery, Finance and Financial and Accounting Analysis, Investment Management, Capital structure, Budget and Taxation, analytical and management accounting.

Training is provided in French on the basis of the latest Version 2020 from the best English-speaking references available such as Gleim, Hock International, Powers Resources Corporation (PRC) and various other IIA documents.

Our primary objective is to reach a dozen certified Tunisian Internal Auditors at least over the next 3 years.

The Target Population targets all Managers of public and private companies and all Banking and Financial and Insurance institutions - as well as all Master students in all disciplines, especially Universities and Higher Institutes in Tunisia. 

The training objectives are essentially: ·     

  • Define the topics covered in Part I, II and III of the CIA Exam.·     
  • Outline all of the topics tested in Part I, II and III in a number of easy-to-use study units including all relevant authoritative statements.·     
  • Present multiple choice questions from past CIA exams to prepare for the types of CIA Exam questions, explanations of correct answers as well as incorrect answers will be presented and discussed.·     
  • Know the techniques and practical modalities of the exam in order to optimize your score.·     
  • Reinforce the mastery of the exam themes.·     
  • Assess the level of preparation.·     
  • Prepare a personalized review program.

A Computer Based Test (CBT) of the three parts will be provided in a computer environment similar to that of the exam. 

We count on the support of the Professional and Academic world to make successful those actions which aim to endow the Tunisian elite with the most highly rated International Diploma in the world and which constitutes a privileged competitive advantage for a national and international career of excellence. 

The Speakers are highly qualified and CIA and CRMA certified experts from IIA Florida –USA. 

We want to materialize our motto Progress through sharing. 

The program has already been launched with the ATAI, KPMG, ATB, ZITOUNA BANK, ACCIA, APB, IHEC Tunis, ETAP, IHEC Sfax, IHET, ATCP. 

 Good luck to everyone.

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